Debonair Details: Wedding Cufflinks


In honor of your wedding, Jennifer Anderson Events suggests adding a special pair of cufflinks to his fine jewelry collection.  As a gift to the groom and/or groomsmen, beautifully crafted cufflinks can reflect the style of the event, convey personality, and offer added points for dapperness.

Handpick a bejeweled pair with precious stone or timeless design engraved with an image, emblem, or crest that speaks to the wedding theme.  The men will appreciate such a classic’s versatility that can be used for other special occasions.  Or create something one-of-a-kind that is unique to your story.  Customizing cufflinks with a monogram or special sentiment symbolizing your love makes for a soulfully special finishing touch.

Stylishly yours,

Jennifer Anderson

Image Credit: Tiffany & Co.

Modern Luxe Wedding: White, Ivory, Emerald


A new class of “Modern Luxe” weddings has emerged with an atmosphere of rich refinement.  For brides and grooms looking for a high glamour wedding, inspiration can be found in an ultra stylish palette.  Jennifer Anderson Events is taken by the bold yet sophisticated color story of white, ivory, and a splash of emerald green.

Layering of white and ivory creates softness, dimension and interest, while the distinguished emerald hue adds high-impact drama to the otherwise quiet neutrals.  Emerald elegance can be incorporated in big ways or small, such as outfitting bridesmaids in head-to-toe color or accenting their dresses with beautiful green gem accessories.  Consider adding greenery to lush white and ivory bouquets and centerpieces with verdant ferns, vines and/or interesting leaves.


Accents of glimmering gold and mod black complement the color story beautifully.   Gilded elements catch light while the contrasting sexiness of black commands attention.

Going green (and white and ivory),

Jennifer Anderson


Image Credit (top to bottom): Cake by Layered Bake Shop, photo via Ruffled Blog; Table setting photo by Studio222 Photography via Glamour & Grace. 

A Wedding Cake-Over

cake“A party without cake is just a meeting.” Julia Child

Wedding cake is making a comeback in decadent fashion. Artisanal cakes of five towering tiers or more and filled with multiple flavors is the trend.   Impressively handcrafted creations are becoming more grand and luxurious with delicious adornments from top to bottom, and on every side and layer.

Sugar craft makes for a magnificent cake.  Gold leafing, ribbons, monograms, and lace are options to complement the wedding theme.  Edible jewelry by way of pearls and gems can mimic the bride’s gown or accessories.

It is not only the highly decorated exteriors that matter.  What’s inside counts!  Playful twists to classic flavors excite guests.  Consider imaginative combinati ons such as lemon cake with blackberry mousse, toffee cake with salted caramel buttercream, or a s’mores spin with graham cake, marshmallow mousse and chocolate ganache.

Remarkable wedding cakes add to the celebration by exciting the eye and pleasing the palette. Jennifer Anderson Events suggests that you consult with your baker to create a one-of-a-kind design that reflects your style and spirit of the celebration.  Remember, the more original the better!

Bring on the cake,

Jennifer Anderson


Image Credit: Cake by Party Flavors, Photo by KT Merry

Wedding Cocktails by Color

sparkling-punch-lWe all know a great way to start your party is with libations.  Bourbon and Scotch are still “in.”  Wine tastings are lovely, but have been around for a while.  When it comes to spirits, the latest and greatest party trend is all about color!

Take your cocktail bar to the next level by focusing on a fun hue or color combination and designing drinks to match.  Complement your wedding theme or choose a favorite color that will stand out.  Either way, your guests will enjoy getting the juices flowing with a delicious twist!

Cause a real stir with Jennifer Anderson Events‘ favorite: ROSE GOLD PINK!  Here are a handful of boozy beauties which will make your flute of bubbly even more fun.

1. Sparkling Cocktail (photo above) via Southern Living Magazine

Sparkling Cocktail Recipe
Stir together 1 (12-oz.) can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed, and 4 cups white cranberry juice cocktail in a large pitcher. Cover and chill 1 to 24 hours. Stir in 1 qt. club soda, chilled, just before serving. Garnish, if desired, with fresh mint sprigs.
For Champagne Punch, substitute 1 (750-milliliter) bottle extra-dry Champagne or sparkling wine and 1/4 cup orange liqueur for club soda, proceed with recipe as directed.

IMG_6296lemonade-sparkler2. Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktail

3. Strawberry Infused Vodka Lemonade Sparkler






Kristin Weaver blushing bride

4. Pink Grapefruit Margarita

5. Blushing Bride




6. Frenchy Cocktail


Cheers to fabulous cocktailing!

In good taste,

Jennifer Anderson 

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Wedding Style: Echoes of Art Deco


Art Deco style, popular in the 1920s and 1930s, is once again alive and flourishing in the wedding world.  The era’s influence of rich colors, geometric motifs, and lavish ornamentations symbolize luxury and exuberant style, perfectly fitting for your glamorous affair.

N12-23-Jazz_Age_Sparkle_and_Feather_Cap-AArt Deco rectilinear lines and symmetrical patterns are beautifully offset with soft feathers, graceful orchids, and classy palm fronds.  Of course, lots of gold adornment and glittering jewels ooze 1920’s opulence, too.

Jennifer Anderson Events is drawn to a striking gold, black and white palette to suit the ultra-elegant mood; a sophisticated yet modish combination.

Consider these spirited fonts which lend themselves to the roaring 20s as well:

  • Art-Deco-CakeArt-Deco-Wedding-Headpieces-Accessories-Gibson-Bespoke-2Parisian
  • Riesling
  • Andes
  • Broadway
  • Nightclub

Trust me, an art deco-styled wedding is the bee’s knees!

Jennifer Anderson


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Image Credits (from top to bottom, left to right): The Chibi Owl, Victoria Millesime, Dolly Drop, Dolly Drop,

3 Wedding Design Musts: Texture, Shape, Color

diy-moss-table-number-aThree key, sensory ingredients that animate your wedding: texture, shape, and color!

Jennifer Anderson Events suggests starting with your personal inspirations of color, then letting your imagination take the driver’s seat, and seeing what kinds of appealing associations of texture and shape are made along the way.

Let’s say, for example, you are captivated by verdant green hues.  Your zest for the great outdoors has cultivated this affection and connects you to a forest-sanctuary of striking black and white birch tree trunks with a ceiling of leaves overhead…

Then the spongy bursts of reindeer moss growing up the tree-sides comes to mind…

And just like that – Voilà!  You have the beginnings of an inspired wedding design!

0003_Richter_perky_save_the_date-600x450log place card holder

I might then suggest using woodgrain invitation paperie with a soft script font such as “Feel” in warm brown tones, escort cards placed in rustic log holders and laid in a bed of lush moss, menus with birch backing and tied with twine, focal topiaries in birch-wrapped vases, and organic floral arrangements of pillowy hydrangea, white roses, and leafy greens.

menubirch wrapped vase

(Come to think of it, this would make an incredible holiday party design, too!)

Now it’s time to initiate YOUR inspirations of texture, shape, and color.  Ready, set, go!

 Jennifer Anderson

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Image Credits (Top to bottom, left to right): Ruffled, Beast PiecesRuffled, Etsy, Real Weddings

Signature Style Continued: Wedding Monograms

Monograms are another fabulous way to enhance your wedding’s “signature style.”

Simply explained, a monogram refers to a symbol that combines or interlaces two or more images, usually letters.  Initial monograms are usually thought of as a formal embellishment, but you can use them in more casual ways to strike your own unique balance.  From embellishments on invitations to a custom light projection on the dance floor, there are so many applications to feature a distinctive monogram at your wedding.


When considering a monogram’s layout, the middle letter usually represents the person’s/couple’s last name. Most often it is larger than the other two letters flanking each side. These other letters can be the bride and groom’s first name initials or a person’s first and middle initials.

Of course, a monogram and its design depend on your specific initials and style preference.  For something ultra-formal, a dramatic script is best.  Or for a more masculine design, use a “block” monogram in which letters are equal in size and “read” straight across.  Here are a few more ideas:


And don’t forget to say “thank you” stylishly!  Monograms are a wonderful way to personalize gifts of appreciation for hosts/hostesses, bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Ideas such as license plates, stationery, cocktail napkins, placemats, sweaters, golf balls, handbags, and totes would make unique customizable gifts for a range of recipients.  A few of Jennifer Anderson Event’s favorite stores to shop for monogram gifts include: Mark and Graham, Lands’ End, and West Elm.

Reading the fine print,

 Jennifer Anderson

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Infusing Signature Style into Your Wedding

What is “Signature Style?”


Signature style is about infusing personality and a unique, desired tone into your special event, propelling it into the consciousness of your guests and creating an emotional connection for them.  In many respects, “signature style” can be thought of as a marketing tactic.  For example, we can identify companies with a strong branding strategy by their logos.  A name, term, style, sign, symbol and/or design quickly brings to mind the company, their services, and their unique aesthetic. Though branding is often thought of as just a logo, “signature style” encompasses so much more.   The key is to understand that branding is not only about style but emotion.  Branding differentiates your event from others by conveying distinctive feelings through textures, colors, shapes, and even sounds.

To discover and curate your own signature style, Jennifer Anderson Events suggests starting an inspiration board. A board can be created via Pinterest or by ripping out pages from magazines.  Pin or mark any photos, designs, ideas, or styles that speak to you.  Don’t derail if you seem to like contrasting styles, simply stay focused and select things that draw you in.  Organizing your “likes” and finding cohesion can be done at a later point, once you have pulled many visual representations of what appeals to you.

Some new and exciting fonts I like:



“Riesling” for a more art deco look




“Maratre” for a more formal look




“Sail” for a more whimsical look


Keeping in style,

Jennifer Anderson

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Perfectly Groomed

d6a60b9a3b147c1ac93d7f53de4b0933Why is it that brides spend so much time and money picking out their perfect dress, hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, etc. yet ignore their “other half” (the groom)?   I, along with a few of my respected colleagues, am bound and determined to elevate the groom and groomsmen’s attire, making the men as well dressed as the ladies.  It’s time to “man up!

Spending a fortune on the bridal gown yet renting the tuxedo is mismatched and just doesn’t seem fair.  Plus, a generic, rented tux will, at best, only give you a “ballpark” fit.  Shopping for a fine-quality tux or custom-made, expertly tailored suit is a smart investment and it can be a fun part of the process for the engaged couple.

Jennifer Anderson Events is head over heels for navy tuxedos (an excellent choice for summer) and especially this dapper, custom option by J. Hilbrun (shown above).  Every detail can be made just the way you envision it, right down to the last button.

At the very least, I recommend making a fresh, new tie with complementing pocket square a part of the wedding budget.  (Of note, if you have a pocket square, then a boutonniere isn’t always necessary.)  The combination tie and pocket square makes a wonderful gift for the groomsmen, too.  Consider a reversible bow tie, like these found at Brooks Brothers, and wear one side for the ceremony and the other for the reception.


Never fear, Prince Charming.  I’ll make sure your attire is “well-suited” for the wedding.

Jennifer Anderson

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*Tuxedo Image Credit: Blomberg Weddings

Wedding Magic is in the Music

2010-09-06 Brenly - Priola

Music enriches, enhances, and inspires…especially at a wedding.  The perfect song performed by masterful musicians magically heightens the mood and creates unforgettable memories. Your guests anticipate a fun-filled, energetic evening and the best way to entertain is with LIVE music.  Talented bands or orchestras create excitement, draw guests to the dance floor, and keep them there all night long.

Allocating budget dollars for an amazing orchestra is always well worth the expense.  How many times in your life will you enjoy a live concert designed just for you?!

While many think an iPod playlist will provide the same experience, it simply isn’t.  First and foremost, live music allows flexibility – an opportunity to adapt to the wedding atmosphere or unforeseen situations.  Imagine: while standing in a processional, your heel breaks.  Your iPod’s Pachelbel Canon isn’t set to repeat…but live musicians can respond and repeat as many times as necessary until the problem is resolved.  Your guests will be none the wiser and the musical flow will follow your lead.   Come reception, professional musicians know how to “read” the room’s energy and have the music reflect the mood. They access the personal interests of guests on the dance floor and tailor the music accordingly in real time.

Or consider this: you and your fiancee aren’t thrilled about dancing all four minutes, forty-five seconds to your favorite song.  Musicians can truncate your selection so that the First Dance is the exact amount of time you feel comfortable on the dance floor.  Again, having a live band or orchestra provides flexibility.  You may want to select favorite songs and work with the professionals in advance to determine which instruments will really make the piece(s) come alive.

Jennifer Anderson Events suggests six or more musicians to complete the band or orchestral ensemble.  This provides high-energy and creates dynamic performances. Brides and grooms should look for a high-caliber band or orchestra with years under their belt that is comfortable with playing all kinds of events/atmospheres.  Professional groups who continue to study and hone their craft have a good sense of current trends and the latest crowd-pleasing songs.  In a nutshell, book the musicians that make you smile and jump up and dance during the interview.

Some of the most popular First Dance songs:

  • At Last
  • The Way you Look Tonight
  • All of Me
  • Home
  • The Way I Am
  • Never My Love
  • Crazy Love
  • Treasure
  • Happy
  • Who You Love

responsecard-lejardinier-bigConsider asking guests to send you their favorite dance music.  This request can be included on the invitation response card (oh-so-lovely example shown left).

Remember, hire LIVE and you won’t regret it!

With the band,

Jennifer Anderson

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 *Wedding Image Credit: Bob & Dawn Davis Photography and Design

**Stationary Image Credit: Love vs. Design

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